How to Look Hot in Your Stilettos When You Broke Your Toe in Them 4 Hours Ago

At some point in our busy lives, we women all face the same embarrassing snafus: your shirt is inside out, you had diarrhea at work, you swallowed a wine cork and now you’re choking. You know how to solve these problems easy-peasy, but there’s one issue that might be too much for your feminine intuition to handle: The patent stilettos you wore once around a DSW have betrayed you, and now you’ve broken your toe in them in public and WILL NOT be shamed into seeking immediate medical attention. Onc

How to Make Your Queefs Adorable by Inserting a Squeak Box in Your Vagina

Queefs happen to all women, but are your queefs cute enough? Save yourself the embarrassment of having normal-sounding queefs by inserting squeak boxes in your vagina! With these squeaky objects, your queefs can be adorable and not gross, like nature intended! You’re on your way back from a long trip to Poundtown with your boyfriend Brad and steam is sputtering out of your lady engine. Gross! Take preventative measures by gutting your dog’s favorite squeak toy for its squeaky hidden jewel. In o

Favorite Books of 2016 That I Only Read the First Few Chapters Of and Intend to Finish Eventually

That doesn’t make them any less great, right? I mean, if they are going to veer off so horribly from the path they’ve already begun to pave then wouldn’t that only make them better for taking on such a feat? Yeah, probably not but I can try to make that logic work so I don’t seem like such a jerk. In no particular order… Hooray! I’d love to hear about half read books that you would recommend. Maybe I’ll take the page number you left off at and read from that point until the end and tell you wh